Aviumtechnologies flight simulation tools (FST)

A set of tools for aircraft attitude visualisation and software-and-hardware-in-the-loop (SIL,HITL) simulations compatible with Simulink and ArduPlane and Pixhawk autopilots.

  • Aviumtechnologies flight simulation tools

The PFD has multiple indicators and its colours can be customized. It also features a Simulink C++ S-function that allows the PFD to visualize data from Simulink simulations.

MAVLink Primary Flight Display (PFD)

A MAVLink capable primary flight display that can be used for aircraft attitude visualization. The PFD is compatible with Simulink and with QGroundControl and MissionPlanner ground stations. Enhance your ground station or simulator visualization capabilities with the Aviumtechnologies PFD.

Windows apfd-1.0.0-windows-amd64.zip
macOS apfd-1.0.0-darwin-amd64.zip
Linux (Coming soon)

Download the Aviumtechnologies PFD to get started. The Aviumtechnologies PFD connector for Simulink is available at: https://github.com/aviumtechnologies/pfd-connector

ArduPilot and Pixhawk SIL/HIL connectors for Simulink

Simulink C++ S-functions for software-in-the-loop simulation with ArduPilot and Pixhawk.

  • Fly your vehicle in a simulated environment
  • Tune PID attitude controllers
  • Perform missions and assess vehicle performance
Pixhawk SIL Connector for Simulink
Pixhawk HIL Connector for Simulink
ArduPilot SIL Connector for Simulink

MATLAB, Simulink, and a MATLAB-supported compiler are required. S-function source code is provided for SIL only.

Example Pixhawk SIL and HIL setup

Landing gear model equations and Simulink example

Landing gear model for Simulink

Simulink C++ S-function that models a landing gear as a mass-spring-damper.

Download the landing gear model to get started.


MATLAB and Simulink are required. S-function source code is not provided.

Electric motor and propeller model for Simulink

A Simulink model of an electric motor and a constant pitch propeller.

The model simulates a APC 12x8 propeller and a T-motor AT2312 (1150KV) motor.

Download the electric motor and propeller model to get started.


MATLAB and Simulink are required.

Electric model and propeller Simulink example and APC 12x8 propeller data

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